Grow Great Garden Storage Spaces   

Great Garden Storage with these Cloud Nine Organizing tips

Gardening and lawn maintenance can be easier when you take time to organize your tools and supplies. Use these tips to build your own great garden storage.

  • Use nails and hooks to hold tools such as trowels, rakes, and shovels. If you have a shed or garage available, install a piece of lattice or peg board for easier hook hanging.
  • Use extra flower pots as storage space for pruners, gloves, or fertilizer sticks.
  • Attach a leather or canvas tool belt to the outside of a bucket. Use the tool pockets for gardening tools and the bucket to carry supplies such as kneeler pads or pots.
  • When storing pots over the colder months, layer plastic or garbage bags between them to prevent them from sticking together.

Digging in the dirt will be even more fun when you have grown great garden storage spaces and can find all of the right tools and supplies.