Travel with Ease ~ A Little Vehicle Organization

Travel with Ease with a Little Vehicle Organization

Eliminate vacation stress with a little vehicle organization.

Vacation time is upon us, and for some of us that means long hours on the road! With all the fun a vacation brings, it can also bring a bit of stress to everyone in the family. That is why it is so invaluable to keep our vehicles organized and maintained.

Start with a few basics that will get you on the road to organized travels.

  1. Have at least one small trash receptacle in the vehicle or 2 if it has more than 2 rows of seating.
  2. Keep maps and a mini phone book in a storage pouch behind a front seat.
  3. Keep a folder with a secure closure for important papers such as insurance documents, maintenance records, and mileage logs.
  4. Invest in backseat storage containers for kids to keep books, crayons, and travel games.
  5. Place a small tote in the trunk for transporting small items so they won’t roll around while you travel.

These tips work great for every day travels as well. Whether we commute daily to work or are the local chauffeur to the neighborhood kids, organization on the road makes life easier, and it only takes a few minutes before sliding behind the wheel.

Happy trails!