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Ask The Pros: Introducing Lisa Zawrotny

Occasionally, even professional organizers struggle with scheduling and productivity. Who do we reach out to for help? Productivity Coaches! Cloud Nine Organizing is happy to have Lisa Zawrotny be a part of the Ask The Pros Series! She has a positive approach to creating a decluttered way of living that fits in perfectly with the Declutter●DestressSimplify way of life!

Can you explain to everyone exactly what a productivity coach does and how you can help others live their best lives?

I help chronically overwhelmed clients replace stress with success through simplifying, self-care, and self-actualization. I teach them to declutter their lives inside and out and develop customized systems and habits meant for their personality and values.

What inspired you to become a productivity coach?

For years I have had a passion for how productivity can bring the efficiency that allows us to live more and be more instead of doing more! When I began as a professional organizer, I could see immediately how the head and heart are the key to all our decisions…of decluttering, prioritizing, creating habits…everything we do. I decided to obtain my life coach certification so I could serve my clients fully.

Here is a question from my 17-year old daughter, Tori: “How do I prioritize what I do? And how do I know when to stop and move onto the next task?” Actually, that’s 2 questions… 

Great question! I mean, great questions! 😉

Let’s start with prioritizing. Begin with your values. When you understand your core values, you create filters for making choices. First, be sure what is on your list is in alignment with how you want to live and what you truly must do. Then, once you have a set of tasks you can prioritize according to deadlines.

One of my all-time favorite techniques is using the Pareto Principle. This indicates 80% of your results come from 20% of your effort. Known as the 80/20 principle, it is a wonderful leveraging technique to ensure what you choose will get you the farthest toward your goal the fastest way possible. If you think about what your 20% is each day, you will save so much time and stress!

Now, if it happens to be a longer project where that doesn’t apply, such as writing a paper, I would recommend trying a few approaches and/or a combination to see what will help:

1) Set a time for 90 minutes so you avoid burnout

2) Watch your energy and take breaks when feel weary

3) Find obvious stopping points, much like a chapter in a book. For example, create an outline for a paper, or work on just the introduction. This allows you to separate the project and also makes it easier to pick it back up again.

You teach others how to use gratitude (so important!) How does having a grateful heart improve productivity and overall-well being?

I have seen an incredible link between stress and reduced productivity. When we are stressed, we struggle to have energy and focus and to make proper choices. Gratitude combats stress. It is an incredible power habit that high achievers use consistently. The most exciting part is that studies are proving this! Positivity psychology research is backing up what many have known for some time.

Most importantly, I see time and time again that what we focus on we fuel. When you find things to be grateful for, more things show up. When gratitude becomes a habit, it starts to serve you in every moment as you experience a state of gratitude. It’s like gratitude momentum and as it builds, it supports your heart, mind, and spirit at every turn.

If you had to pick, what is your NUMBER ONE favorite productivity tip?

No question, it’s the 80/20 principle I mentioned above.

So as a bonus, I will add a tie-breaker: decluttering! Think it’s just for closets? Think again. I advise clients not to organize what they don’t plan to keep. The same goes for items on the to-do list. One of the fastest ways to get your to-do list completed is by removing items. 😉 Don’t track or schedule what you are not meant to do.

For Fun: Before becoming a productivity coach you were a professional organizer. What is your favorite thing to organize and why? 

I have  fun with kitchens because I love creating cooking efficiency, but when I really thought about this question and where I found the most satisfaction, it would have to be offices (which I still do). I work with many entrepreneurs and I think helping someone in the place they are going to create a business and make a difference in this world is so satisfying. Plus, paper and digital clutter are their own special challenges and I love taking an innovative and personal approach to those.

For fun: What is your favorite way to de-stres?

Pedicures or anything spa-like

Thank you so much,Lisa, for taking the time to share a bit of your knowledge with us! Your positive approach to helping your clients is inspiring. You can learn more about Lisa and the work she does here.