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Holiday Storage Pro Tips

6 Holiday Storage Pro Tips

Here are 6 pro tips to get your holiday decorations organized! 1. Designate a centralized location for ALL decorations. Stop scattering them throughout your home.  2. If you have to rent a storage unit for your decorations you probably have too many decorations. Time to purge. 3. Purge holiday decorations twice: first, as you unpack them […]

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Declutter Your Garage

Declutter the Garage

Why is it important to declutter the garage? Did you know your garage can alter the tone of your mood without you even realizing it? That’s why it’s important to keep this part of our home clutter-free. For many of us, the garage is the first thing we see when we pull into our driveway […]

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Limited Laundry Room Space

Make the Most of Limited Laundry Room Space

Organizing a small space takes creativity. The laundry room is one of the smallest areas in the home, but many of us use it as a catchall room to store a variety of things: extra bags, cleaning supplies, batteries, lightbulbs, spare tools, brooms, mops and ironing boards. This is in addition to the actual laundry, […]

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Blissful Bedroom ~ Cloud Nine Organizing Tips

5 Tips For Creating A Blissful Bedroom

You deserve a blissful bedroom. When you walk into your bedroom, at the end of the day, can you feel the stress begin to lift off your shoulders or do you trip over clutter as you walk toward your dresser? When you crawl into bed at night are you able to relax and melt into […]

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decluttered guest bedroom

A Decluttered Guest Room

It’s the holiday season! Are you ready for house guests? One of the joys of the holiday season is spending time with family and friends. Having out-of-town guests stay with you is a blessing, but can also add stress if you aren’t prepared. Is your guest room cluttered? It’s not unusual for guest rooms to become […]

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functional garage

Create A Functional Garage

Be more efficient by creating a functional garage space Garages are often one of the most neglected areas in the home. We are in and out of garage spaces so quickly that we rarely take the time to organize them or keep them clean. This creates a nonfunctional, cluttered area where you can’t always find what […]

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