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Change Is Good

As life moves forward you will inevitably need to make adjustments to support the person you have grown into. Remember that change is good. 


That’s the beauty of organizing. You can easily move things around to make your life a bit easier, or your time a bit more efficient and your days more pleasant. You also get to decide if it’s time to get rid of anything that is doesn’t really represent the person you have become. The “things” you decide to reorganize or let go of can be tangible objects, obligations on your schedule, and even thoughts.

For now, working a full time job is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. 

For now, staying home with your kids is what’s best.

For now, using the basement as your man cave is ideal. 

For now, redecorating the basement to be “kid friendly” makes the most sense.

For now, a one bedroom apartment fits you perfectly.

For now, you need a home with a 2-car garage.

Embrace where you are right now. Look forward to the changes, but remember to tweak things to make the best of all your “for nows.”

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