Top 5 Closet Organizing Products

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We go into our closets several times a day. In many cases, we share a closet with someone else so it can hold tons of items. When organizing a clothing closet create zones so you know exactly where to go to get what you are looking for. Then, get a few great closet organizing products can help you keep those zones organized.


Slimline Hangers - Using matching, slimline hangers is something I aways recommend. First and foremost, thinner hangers give you more room than you'd think. A few inches makes a huge difference in tight spaces. Also, you will be surprised by how much cleaner your closet will appear when all the hangers look the same. Instant makeover!


Clothing DividersFirst, group your hanging clothes by style to make your closet look streamlined and tidy. Then, use these little closet organizing products can be labeled and used to clearly separate your long-sleeved shirts from your tank tops. I love my clothing dividers!


Stackable Shoe Organizers - This is my new favorite shoe organizer. They are large enough to hold my son's basketball shoes and have a clear front door for easy access. You can put them on the floor or on a shelf. They interlock and can be stacked in whatever configuration works best for your space.


Laundry Folding Board - If you stack t-shirts, sweatshirts or pants on a shelf a laundry folding board makes perfect folding a breeze. Clothes stack easier when they are all folded to be the same size. Tip: don't stack clothes too high or they will fall over regardless of how neat you fold them.


Shelf Divider- After neatly folding your clothes keep them in from falling over by using shelf dividers. They are a closet organizing staple. You can also use them to keep handbags, hats and accessories neat and tidy.

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