Cloud Nine Organizing ´╗┐Testimonials

Having a home office which serves my family responsibilities as well as my business is a challenge.  It is a necessity to keep it organized, but mine had become cluttered and overrun. It was next to impossible to actually work there, and the atmosphere was far from peaceful, productive, or efficient.  

Thanks to Crystal, my office is now in great shape. I hope to be able to keep it clutter free moving forward, but for refreshers as well as other organization projects, I definitely will call Cloud Nine Organizing. I would recommend Crystal's services to anyone needing organizational help. 

~ Patti A.

Crystal was a joy to work with and provides useful suggestions as well as great organization.  I can finally use my office and work areas!

~ Karen Y. 

Crystal did an amazing job organizing and decluttering our home office.  We no longer close the doors to hide the embarrassing mess that it use to be.  It's now a calm, organized and functional space that we actually enjoy being in.  Crystal is so easy to work with and pays attention to her customer's style and needs.  Wish we had done this sooner!  Thank you, Cloud Nine Organizing!!

~ Jon & Kate B.

Crystal was a joy to work with.  She made order out of disorganized spaces and worked very fast and cheerfully.  Thank you Crystal! 

~ Alexis P.

I have loved having Crystal organizing my house.  I keep telling here that she takes the part that is overwhelming to me away!  She works so fast and has such great ideas! Life changing 

~ Megan R.

As a busy mom, being organized is vital.  Between the demands of work and my family's schedule, I don't have time to search through the numerous stacks of papers on my desk Looking for that one item I need.  Crystal with Cloud Nine Organizing sorted through my piles and organized them.  Crystal took the time to learn and really understand how I operate.  She used that knowledge to develop and implement a filing system for business files, household documents, the kids' school papers and keepsakes that works for me.  Now, I can easily stay on top of my paperwork which means no more messy stacks of papers and more time to focus on my priorities. 

~ Betty H.

Three month ago you helped me organize my kitchen, living room, washroom, loft, kid toys and mail.  I am happy to report that all is still organized!  

Thank you so much for everything, it has been a huge stress relief having things organized and in place where I can find them.  You rock! 

~ Tony R.

So I was feeling overwhelmed with stuff and I found Cloud Nine Organizing. Crystal is awesome! She is warm and friendly and really listens to what you want to accomplish. In my email I found a message from her with a summary, and a bunch of links to things she'd searched for on my behalf - after she went home! Very supportive. This person could save your - well a lot of things. Call her, you won't be sorry - you'll be organized.

~Janice L.
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