Clutter Control with Cloud Nine Organizing

Control the Clutter With 3 Boxes

Clutter is anything that no longer serves you in a positive way. If we don’t pay attention and have a system in place clutter will build up around us. Use these 3 boxes to start taking control of the clutter.

Box 1: Donation

As soon as you notice clothes don’t fit or aren’t being used, put them in a box that you have designated for donations. A good place to store a donation box is in your closet so you can immediately add clothes to it. As soon as it’s full, load the box in your car and drop it off at a donation center. Pro Tip: Don’t procrastinate! Most people never make it to the donation center because, “I don’t have time.” Get that clutter out of your home so that you can open up space for the stuff you love. You have time. It only takes a few minutes.

Box 2: Sell

If you plan to have a garage sale or sell items online, keep them together and out of the way until you are ready. Again, as soon as you know you are going to sell the item, put it in the box.  If you don’t do it right away you may misplace the item or even forget you wanted to sell it. A good spot to keep a resale bin is in the garage.  This keeps it out of the way but accessible.

Pro Tip: Know your personality. Are you really going to sell that stuff? Or is it going to sit in the corner of your garage for a year? If you don’t usually follow through on selling items just donate them! The goal is to declutter, not become rich selling your old junk. Gain some sanity and get rid of the junk as quickly as possible.

Box 3: Revisit

It’s OK to be unsure if you are ready to let something go. It’s also OK to not be exactly sure where you want something to “live” if you decide to keep it. However, it’s not OK to completely ignore it forever. Simply, put the item in a box that you will revisit at the end of the day, end of the week or maybe the end of the month. Don’t wait until the end of the year! Put the box in a somewhat annoying spot so that you are forced to deal with it.

Pro Tip: When trying to decide if you should keep an item do this: Pick it up, look at it and ask yourself two questions: “Do I love it?” and “Do I use it?” If the answer is NO for both questions get rid of it.

Using these 3 boxes can jump start your journey of taking control of the clutter. Make sure everyone in the family is aware of these clutter containers and how they are meant to be used. Getting the whole family to contribute to the decluttering process make it go is so helpful.  Happy decluttering!

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