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Clutter-Free Gifts

You may be guilty of adding to someone else’s clutter without realizing it.

Do you buy tons of Christmas gifts because you love the way all the beautiful packages look under the tree? Do you always pick up last minute trinkets and baubles because you like to over-stuff the stockings? Do you buy gifts because people expect you to? Do you notice that a lot of these gifts end up being unappreciated or unused? That’s the worst.

Gifts are wonderful. It’s how some of us show our love. However, you can be a great gift giver without going overboard and creating clutter for someone else.

Cutter-Free Gift Ideas: 

Consumable gifts won’t create clutter

Chocolate, flowers, essential oils, candles, wine, snack baskets, bath bombs, and care packages can all be enjoyed with no left over clutter to worry about. The key is to make sure you give a gift they will use. Don’t give bath bombs to someone who only has a shower.

The gift of time won’t create clutter

 Alone time, time with loved ones, chore-free time, time to do whatever you want. Giving parents with small children time to themselves, while you babysit, might be the best gift you could give any parent!

Even alone time, at home, can be a big luxury for some people. Offering your time to others who need it or taking time off work to be with the ones you love will have a longer lasting impact than giving something tangible.

Thoughtful gifts won’t create clutter

Many times, we buy things for other people that we would enjoy instead of paying attention to what they would enjoy. Being a thoughtful gift giver means paying attention to what someone really values, wants or needs. Don’t buy something for someone else because it’s what you want for yourself.

A thoughtful gift that is perfect any day of the year is a genuine compliment, acknowledgment or thank you. This can mean more than anything found in a store, especially if it’s unexpected.

Cash won’t create clutter

Cash may seem impersonal, but most people love receiving cash. Children love it because it makes them feel grown-up when they get to decide how to spend their own money. Of course, adults love cash for the same reason. There’s no need to worry about size, color or preference. No exchanges required.

Experiences won’t create clutter

I love the idea of gifting experiences rather than stuff. Most of us already have plenty of stuff, so go make some memories that can be cherished forever. Spend time with loved ones or pamper someone special.

Some of the best gifts don’t come wrapped up in ribbons and bows. There are so many ways to show your love and appreciation for others without giving them the lots of stuff that will eventually become clutter.

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