Create a place of comfort and joy with these 5 Clutter-Free Kitchen Habits

5 Clutter-Free Kitchen Habits

5 Clutter-Free Kitchen Habits

Create habits that will fill your kitchen comfort & joy!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and during the holidays we tend to spend even more time in the kitchen. More time in the kitchen can quickly lead to more kitchen countertop-clutter. No worries. If you have a few good clutter-free kitchen habits, you can avoid the clutter and be ready for family, friends and new memories.

Always Keep Countertops Clear

Don’t allow your kitchen countertops to become a dumping-ground for your family’s clutter. Homework, mail, clothing, electronics, toys and other odds & ends tend to get dumped on tables and countertops. Break this habit by having assigned drop-off zones and smart homes for you belongings. Then, put everything where it belongs.  My Countertop-Clutter Workshop offers detailed insight into how to create these smart homes.

Only keep the essentials sitting on your countertops. If you don’t use your blender every day find a spot for it in a cabinet or on a shelf. Keeping your countertops clear makes it easier to whip up a batch of Christmas cookies or have an impromptu family gathering.

Clean As You Go

Put away all cooking supplies the minute you are done using them. Wipe up spills as they happen. Throw away all food scraps and trash immediately. Cleaning up as you go frees up countertop space for additional food prep, and ensures you won’t have cross-contamination issues. It also makes clean up a snap.

Clear Your Dishes

After every meal everyone (mom, dad and kids) should clear their own dishes from the table.

Make sure all dishes are washed or at least put in the dishwasher after every meal. I admit, I do not love washing dishes. Believe it or not, I used to be an expert at leaving dirty dishes in the sink. Now, I try to wash the dishes after every meal, or have the kids do it. I want my sink and countertops to always be clear of dirty dishes.

Morning & Evening Routines

Routines create habits. Below, is my Family Duties Chart. This chart reminded me that the dishwasher needed to be started every night and unloaded every morning. Seriously, I needed this visual to hold myself accountable to make sure it got done. Now that it’s a habit we don’t use the chart, but feel free to print this up for your family to use or create a version of your own:

Note that I call this “Our Family Duties” chart and the word Help is used often. That’s because we are all responsible for taking care of our home and our clutter (not just mom).

The Kitchen is CLOSED

By a reasonable hour every night turn out the kitchen light and put up the Closed Sign. I literally have a Closed Sign in my kitchen. Don’t spend too much of your day cleaning or stressing about making your kitchen perfect. Do the best you can for today and then be done! Your family and friends will enjoy sitting in a tidy kitchen, but remember, they are there to be with you!


Learn more about my Counter-top Clutter Workshop. I teach you have to effortlessly keep your countertops clear, but this workshop is more than just countertop decluttering. We dig deep: Declutter, destress and simplify!