Daily Mail: 60-Second Decluttering

It is so tempting to simply toss the daily mail onto your countertop each day. Stop! Don’t let unwanted junk mail add to your clutter.

In a 60-second organizing session (seriously, it only takes 60 seconds) you can sort through the mail and toss out what you don’t need. You can do this as soon as you get it from the mailbox. So simple.

Sort Your Mail Into 3 Piles
  1. Keep
  2. Recycle
  3. Shred

After you quickly sort drop the junk mail into the recycle bin. If it has personal information on it you should shred it. That’s it. Only 60 seconds a day could save you plenty of frustration later on. No one enjoys rummaging through piles of junk mail and paper clutter trying to find something important.

Create A Mail Drop Zone

After you have done the 60-second sort throw your keep pile into a basket or in-box to review later. This is your mail drop zone. Make sure to place the drop zone wherever your daily mail tends to naturally build up.

Have A Weekly Routine

Sort all incoming mail every day, but pick only one day to look through the important mail you have thrown in your drop zone. Since you’ve already weeded out all junk mail it’s going to be a easier to deal with the rest of the mail.

Pro Tip: Stop junk mail from coming into your home by taking a few minutes to opt-out of things you really don’t want to be receiving.

Happy sorting!

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