Create Functional Garage Spaces with these 5 Easy Tips

Declutter the Garage

Declutter Your Garage

Did you know your garage can alter the tone of your mood without you even realizing it?

That’s why it’s important to keep this part of our home clutter-free. For many of us, the garage is the first thing we see when we pull into our driveway after arriving home from a long day at work or after an out-of-town trip. When you see your house, your first thought should be, “I’m so happy to be home!”

What you do not want are thoughts of frustration and annoyance because you just tripped over a bike or had to dodge a trash bin to get into your house. Maybe the mere sight of your garage door stresses you out because you know behind it hides all the clutter and mess you are going to have to deal with someday. Clutter causes stress and anxiety. Don’t let those be the first feelings you have when you drive into your driveway!

Good news: Decluttering and organizing the garage doesn’t have to be a painful chore.

Use these tips to get motivated and make decluttering the garage a little less tedious.

  • First and foremost don’t procrastinate. Get started! Use this mild, fall weather as inspiration to work in the garage. It’s perfect garage decluttering weather, so do it now.
  • Throw on some headphones to entertain yourself. For me, music jump starts my motivation. It can make dreaded tasks more bearable.
  • Every time you walk through the garage, pick up one or two items. Throw them away or put them where they belong. After a week or so, your garage will be cleaner, and you won’t feel like you worked hard. Seeing your progress will hopefully motivate you to keep going!
  • It’s nice to have company, so get your entire family involved. The more help you have, the faster the job will get done.
  • Use these quick tips to create functional spaces in your garage.
  • If you are still having a hard time getting the job done, hire someone to help you. Sometimes, outside help is a big motivator.

If you are lucky enough to have a garage, treat it like an extension of your home because it is! Don’t use it as a dumping ground and then close the door behind you. It’s important to declutter, organize and treat your garage with love so it always seems to say, “Welcome home!”


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