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Delete Digital Clutter

Delete Digital Clutter

Do you get distracted by your phone or forget why you logged onto your computer?

Obviously, you are not alone. We are all bombarded with information and distractions on a daily basis. Maybe it’s time to identify your digital clutter and start deleting.

Too Many Contacts?

Start your digital decluttering by getting rid of unnecessary contacts. It can be liberating to delete people from your contact list whom you no longer have an interest in contacting. For instance, you should delete your pest control guy if you no longer need his services. It’s also okay to delete the rude college roommate who you’d rather not be in touch with. These contacts are merely taking up space on your phone. Deleting them off your phone may even clear some mental clutter. Bonus!

Too Many Followers?

This goes for social media as well. Give yourself permission to delete followers or “friends” that aren’t actually friends. If they add nothing of value to your social media experience, delete them. It’s not rude. You are allowed to delete whomever you want to delete.

Side note: There’s no need to make a post proclaiming, “I’m about to delete a lot of friends.” Making posts like this may mean you’re searching for validation rather than decluttering for positive change. 

Too Many Apps?

Is your phone or tablet overloaded with unused apps? Free up valuable storage by deleting apps that you are no longer using.

Too Many Emails?

We are all bombarded with unnecessary emails. If you receive emails that don’t interest you, unsubscribe. It takes seconds to scroll to the bottom of an email and hit that unsubscribe button. You can also go to and register with the Email Preference Service to reduce the amount unsolicited emails you receive. Another tip to control the amount of emails you receive is to stop signing up for discount and loyalty cards.

Too many Passwords?

Simplify your passwords by using a password manager. Password managers protect your personal information while keeping track of your passwords for you. Consumer Reports does a good job explaining how password managers work.

Too Many Pictures and Videos?

We live in a world obsessed with documenting and sharing our personal lives. That being said, you probably have duplicate photos or old videos you have already shared or posted on social media. Free up space by deleting those photos and videos. Another tip: try to live in the moment. Put the phone down for a hot second.

Deleting all that digital clutter will be time consuming. Do a little bit every day or devote a small chunk of time to start decluttering until you are left with the music, photos, apps, videos and people that make you happy.


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