Gardening Storage Ideas from Cloud Nine Organizing

Gardening Storage Tips and Tricks

Spring is here!

The flowers are blooming, the grass (and weeds) are growing and pollen is in the air. Despite the allergies, I love this time of year. Spring represents new beginnings and awakens new inspirations. For me, that always means new organizing inspirations of course. When gardening and lawn supplies are organized and decluttered outdoor chores are a little easier.

I have a few inexpensive gardening storage tips and tricks.

  • Use sand. My favorite way to store small gardening hand tools is in sand. Put a good amount of sand inside old buckets or flower pots. Then, stick your gardening tools in the sand. The sand helps the tools stand up and wicks away moisture to keep the tools from rusting.
  • Use tool belts. When you are needing to carry gardening tools around the yard, with you, attach a tool belt to the outside of a bucket. Use the tool pockets for gardening tools and the bucket to carry supplies such as kneeler pads or pots.
  • Use wooden pallets. Store your taller gardening tools inside a wooden pallet. Stand the pallet on end, secure to a wall, then slide the handle of your shovels and rakes into the pallet.
  • Use painter’s tape. I love using brightly colored painter’s tape to label shelving and containers in the garage. You could use green for gardening supplies and blue for all other tools.
  • Use cooking spray. This is more of a cleaning tip rather than an organizing tip. Applying cooking spray to lawnmower blades before mowing will help prevent grass from building up and getting stuck on the blades. It also makes cleaning the blades a snap. Take a few seconds to rinse off your blades with the hose. The grass will slide off easily.

As always, get rid of any supplies that are broken or no longer useful to you. Decluttering/purging is always an important step in the organizing process.

Digging in the dirt will be even more fun when you have created great garden storage spaces and have all right tools and supplies at your fingertips.