6 Holiday Storage Pro Tips

6 Holiday Storage Pro Tips

Holiday Storage Pro Tips

Here are 6 pro tips to get your holiday decorations organized!

1. Designate a centralized location for ALL decorations. Stop scattering them throughout your home. 

2. If you have to rent a storage unit for your decorations you probably have too many decorations. Time to purge.

3. Purge holiday decorations twice: first, as you unpack them and one more time before you pack them away for next year. If you did not display something, get rid of it. 

4. As always, “group like-items together.” If it is a Christmas hand towel put it with all the Christmas decorations, not in the linen closet. Store all Thanksgiving placemats with your Thanksgiving decorations, not in your kitchen. Holiday decorations take up space, so free up that valuable real estate for items you use on a daily basis.

5. Clearly label every single storage bin. Put labels on BOTH sides of the bin.

6. Color code your bins. Use a certain color bin or label for each holiday.

Did you know getting all those holiday decorations organized will save you time, money and frustration so you can actually enjoy the holidays? It’s true!