Workflow Workshop
Workflow Workshop

WORKFLOW = Getting things done in a way that works for YOU.

Imagine floating on a beautiful, steady, flowing stream of productivity...

The key to getting things done effortlessly is knowing how to go with the flow rather than fighting the current.


The Workflow Workshop is all about embracing your natural workflow style.

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There is a rumor floating around that the most productive, successful people wake up at 4am, work through lunch, never take breaks and have mile-long to-do lists.  

I'm here to tell you that it's NOT true! Not everyone has to follow the same stringent protocol to be successful. You can actually get a TON done and still take a nap in the middle of the day if that's what you need.

Whether you are SAHM, an executive in the corporate world, a student or an enterpruener you can develop a Workflow that will help you get more done in less time.

Let's get some stuff done!

Crystal Nerpel

Owner, Cloud Nine Organizing


  • How to stay true to your personal productivity style
  • How to use your energy peaks and valleys to your advantage
  • The importance of core values and priorities
  • How to create your personal Workflow Blueprint

I've ALWAYS had sooooo much client work that creeped into my weekends. I've lost track of how many planners, apps and project management programs I've tried...I pride myself on great time management, but systems were failing me.

I'm super excited to share that last weekend...96% of my tasks were completed. I didn't work this weekend! It was amazing and made me so much more productive during the week. :)

I highly recommend Crystal's workshop!

Kim VanderPoel, Owner of Fresh Impact

Kim VanderPoel


Answer these questions to pick the version that works best for you:

  • I would prefer to work through the Workflow Workshop all at once.
  • I would love to have Crystal answer my questions while I am planning out my personal workflow.
  • I do my best planning and brainstorming in a group setting.
  • I love to collaborate and share ideas.
  • I have already taken the ONLINE version and want to get some personalized help.

  • I prefer to work at my own pace and take my time getting through the Workflow Workshop.
  • I want to revisit the Workflow Workshop information whenever I need a refresher.
  • I do my best planning and brainstorming alone.
  • I have already taken the LIVE version and would love to have access to the workshop whenever I need it.
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LIVE Workflow Workshop

Workflow Workshop Training
  • You will get your own copy of the Workflow Blueprint.
  • Crystal will guide you through the process of using the blueprint.
  • Crystal will help you build your weekly agenda and answer your questions as you work.
  • The LIVE workshop is offered once a quarter - you can attend as many sessions as you like.
  • There is a maximum of 6 attendees per session so that everyone gets the attention and help they deserve.
  • Cost: $35

Reserve your spot for the LIVE Workshop:

ONLINE Workflow Workshop

ONLINE Workshop
  • You will get your own copy of the Workflow Blueprint with instructions on how to download and save.
  • Get instant access.
  • The ONLINE workshop is broken down into 5 modules.
  • You have lifetime access, so work at your own pace. 
  • Learn to get momentum on projects.
  • Create your own, personalized daily agenda that fits your personality and needs.
  • Cost: $21

Take a peek inside the ONLINE 


Workflow Workshop Sneak Peak
Workflow Workshop Sneak Peak
Workflow Workshop Sneak Peak
Workflow Workshop Sneak Peak
workflow workshop sneak peak

 I was frustrated, cranky and resentful. The self-help books weren't helping! I was doing stuff but not the right stuff in the right way. I finally put the books down, took a step back and started to pay attention to my personal patterns. My needs. My priorities. My core values. This is the foundation of the Workflow Blueprint...doing what works best for you.

Shane Melaugh, Thrive Themes

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Crystal Nerpel, Owner of Cloud Nine Organizing

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