Top 5 Kitchen Organizing Products

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In many homes, the kitchen is the heart of the home because it's at the center of a lot of activity: cooking, eating, socializing, homework and projects. Having an organized kitchen makes daily life run more smoothly. Here are a my top 5 kitchen organizing product recommendations that will work in nearly any kitchen.


Lazy SusanTraditionally, lazy Susans are used on kitchen tables to hold condiments. You just spin it and grab what you need. Brilliant! There are tons of ways to use a Lazy Susan while organizing your kitchen. Put a non-skid version under the kitchen sink to hold cleaning supplies. Use a cute two-tier version to hold spices next to the stove. The possibilities are endless. 


Drawer OrganizerThere are SO many gadgets and utensils in a kitchen. First, take everything out of drawers. Next, get rid of anything you are not using. Lastly, put everything you are keeping inside drawer organizers. This particular organizer is stackable so that you can fit even more items inside a drawer, if you have the height to do so. Always measure before buying products.


Pots & Pans Rack - Instead of nesting pots and pans inside each other, use an adjustable organizer that uses the vertical space inside your cabinets. Tip: Keeping the lids on the pans while storing reduces cabinet clutter and frustration when it's time to find the right lid for the right pot or pan. 


Dish Organizer - Use these organizers for all sorts of kitchen items: lids, dishes, cookie sheets, bakeware and cutting boards. When you stack these kinds of items on their sides, it is SO much easier to grab what you need without having everything else tumble down on top of you.


Device Docking Station - If you are like a lot of families I know, you have devices scattered all over your home. Our devices used to end up on our kitchen counter. This pretty docking station keeps them all charged and organized. 

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