Recommended Laundry Room Organizing Products

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Organizing small spaces, like a laundry room, takes creative thinking. Here are some laundry room organizing products that help utilize vertical space; think up not out when you don't have much room to work with.


Ironing Board Organizer - Mount an ironing board hanger behind the door or on a wall to hold your ironing board, iron and spray starch. Just make sure the style you choose will fit your ironing board.


Corner Cabinet - If you are lucky enough to have a larger laundry room, you might have room for a corner cabinet to hold utility items like batteries, small tools, light bulbs, etc. Note: I recommend getting something with a flat surface (not too many embellishments or grooves) so that lint and dust bunnies don't have a place to hide.


Hanging Pocket Organizer - I have these all over my home, hidden behind doors to organize all kinds of small items. You can use one behind the door of your laundry room to organize cleaning products, clothespins, etc. This is the one I recommend for a laundry room. Use plastic, not mesh incase there is a spill!


Wall Mount Drying Wrack - Save space and be practical by installing a retractable drying rack for drying delicates.


Mop & Broom Wall Organizer -Most people seem to keep brooms, mops, etc. in the laundry room. Get those messy items off the floor and organized with a wall organizer. This is my favorite one.

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