Make the Most out of Limited Laundry Room Space

Make the Most of Limited Laundry Room Space

Limited Laundry Room Space

Organizing a small space takes creativity.

The laundry room is one of the smallest areas in the home, but many of us use it as a catchall room to store a variety of things: extra bags, cleaning supplies, batteries, lightbulbs, spare tools, brooms, mops and ironing boards. This is in addition to the actual laundry, washing machine and dryer. As a result, you can end up with a jumbled mess of a room.

Get creative and get the most out of your limited, laundry room space.

Floor space is limited so use vertical space when organizing:
  • Install narrow shelves on the wall to hold soaps and stain removers. These are the shelves I use.
  • Mount an ironing board hanger behind the door or on a wall to hold your ironing board, iron and spray starch.
  • Install a retractable drying rack or clothesline on the wall for drying delicates.
  • Brooms and mops can easily fit beside the washer or dryer on a wall-mounted rack.
  • Add a wall-hanging pocket organizer behind the door or on a wall to hold cleaning products.


Use the corners of the room:
  • When trying to save space use a corner shaped laundry hamper instead of a round or square hamper.
  • If you have a larger laundry room with a little extra space, you can add a corner cabinet with shelving. This shelving can be used for storing cleaning products and utility items such as batteries, light bulbs and small hand tools.
Use the top of the washing machine and/or dryer:
  • Instead of having a full-sized trash bin on the floor put a s​mall bin or flowerpot on top of the dryer for lint and used dryer sheets.
  • Display a laundry guide somewhere visible to help you decipher those tricky, laundry symbols. Magnets on the front of a top-loading washing machine work great for attaching a laundry guide.

Taking the time to declutter and organize your laundry room can make a difference in how functional this small space can become.

Drop me a line if you’d like personalized, one-on-one organizing help!