Meet Crystal

I absolutely love figuring out new and fun ways to become more organized and more efficient.
Confession #1: I haven’t always been completely tidy and organized. Ask my college roommate. I have, however, always been interested in learning new ways to improve myself. Organizing, decluttering and simplifying have helped me live my best life.
Confession #2: If you stop by my house, at any given time, you may notice toys on the floor or laundry not yet put away. I am human and understand that staying organized is an ongoing process. Luckily, my family gives me many opportunities to perfect my craft.
For nearly 22 years, I have been married to a smart, creative, busy man. We have two equally smart, creative, busy children. We are pet lovers and have a dog named Chili and a cat named Queso (food inspires us). Each of us have our own interests, hobbies and obligations. What does that mean? LOTS of different schedules and things to organize!
My passion to help others relieve stress and chaos through organization comes from a genuine place of understanding and compassion.
Know that I pass NO judgements on your clutter or unorganized areas. I get it. I know how it can all get out of control before you realize it. It’s fixable, and I am here to help!

Hop on Cloud Nine!

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 Clutter Happens

  • Over time, we all accumulate belongings that can turn into clutter.
  • All this clutter can be frustrating and make our lives more stressful than necessary.
  • Making the investment to get organized can truly make our lives a little easier.

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My Code of Ethics

  • I do NOT judge anyone. We are all doing the best that we can in our current situation.
  • I am upfront and honest about being able to fulfill certain expectations you may have.
  • I keep ALL client information, both business and personal, completely confidential. ALWAYS!
  • I am upfront about all costs. You will never see any hidden fees

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