Crystal, owner of Cloud Nine Organizing loves to Declutter, Destress and Simplify!

     Hi! I'm Crystal and this is my messy story.

DECLUTTER • DE-STRESS • SIMPLIFY is not only my business tagline, it is my way of life. However, I had to work HARD to get here.

Before I became an organizing specialist I was an overwhelmed, annoyed, stressed-out mama who couldn't get her family to pick up after themselves. I kept telling myself an old, tired story...

"I am the only person in this family who ever picks up. There is always junk on the countertops and scattered on the floor. We have entirely too much stuff that we don't use. My family should pick up after themselves! I shouldn't have to do ALL the work myself."

Then, In 2016 something shifted and I started to tell myself a new story... 

"I deserve to feel at peace, calm and inspired when I am in my home. I am going to declutter my home so that I can live the life I want to live. I will pick up after my children and husband because having a decluttered home makes me so much more happy than nagging, complaining and yelling." 

And I did; I stopped complaining and started doing.

You know what? My family always pitches in to do chores. They do their own laundry. They help out. I still pick up shoes and clothes that have been dropped on the floor, but I do it with gratitude and feel like I am living my best life. 

I now have the privilege of helping other people redefine their messy stories. I know, first hand, the feeling of empowerment you feel from getting control of the clutter and chaos. It feels like floating on Cloud Nine!

My passion to teach others how to address the clutter in their lives comes from a genuine place of understanding and compassion. I pass no judgements because I believe we are all doing the best we can with with our current level of understanding.

Meet My People!

These lovely people are a big part of Cloud Nine Organizing's success. They let me practice my organizing skills on them and are my biggest cheerleaders.

For 24 years, I have been married to a smart, creative, sweet man who supports my mission to declutter, de-stress and simplify the world, one baby-step at a time. 

Our children are Tori and Barret. Barret is going into middle school and Tori is heading off to college this year. I'm a proud mama!

We LOVE to spend family time at our ranch in Loving, TX with our dog, our cat and cows. Life is simple on the ranch, so it's my happy place.

Thanks for stopping by!

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