Crystal, owner of Cloud Nine Organizing loves to Declutter, Destress and Simplify!

     Hi! I'm Crystal.

My personal decluttering journey began in 2016 when I began to notice that I was allowing the daily chaos and clutter to get out of control. I put on a happy face, but in reality I was pretty frustrated and overwhelmed. It occurred to me that I could intentionally take control of my stress and crabby mood by choosing to live my best life. 

For me, that meant living a decluttered, simplified life; only keeping what makes me happy and getting rid of everything else. I started from the inside-out: I decluttered my diet, my habits, my obligations and then my belongings. 

It was a slow nine month journey that I am FOREVER GRATEFUL for! My business tagline is DECLUTTER•DESTRESS•SIMPLIFY because it's my mantra, my way of life.

I figured if getting organized (a.k.a, getting my crap together) made me feel so much better, there had to be other people out there who need the same relief, and who are ready to live their best lives.

My passion to teach others how to tackle clutter comes from a genuine place of understanding and compassion. I pass no judgements. I believe we are all doing the best we can at our current stage of knowledge. As Maya Angelou said, "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." 

The Cloud Nine Organizing Mission:

To inspire, motive and guide those who are ready to declutter, de-stress and simplify their lives.

For 24 years, I have been married to a smart, creative, busy man. We have two equally smart, creative, busy children. We are pet lovers and have a dog named Chili and a cat named Queso (food inspires us). Each of us have our own interests, hobbies and obligations.

These are the blessings in my life. However, these wonderful blessings do add LOTS of responsibilities, scheduling issues and stuff to organize! I learned how to effectively take control of my clutter and household management, and love teaching others to do the same.