Top 5 Home Office Organizing Products

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A home office should inspire productivity and creativity. It should be free of distractions and a space you love going to. A few super helpful office organizing products can up-level your home office organizing. 


Drawer OrganizersEven though you may be the only one to see inside your desk drawers, drawer organizers are a must. Having a designated spot for everything that lives inside your desk is practical and pretty. Before ordering sizes, see what supplies you have on hand (and actually use). These acrylic dividers come in small, medium and large sizes.


Multi-Colored Hanging File Folders - Color-coding categories makes finding and filing your important paperwork much more efficient. Tip: Putting tabs either down the middle or all on one side has a cleaner look, and is still easy to see.


File Organizer -This is my absolute favorite file organizer. I have one in my kitchen and one in my office (I have used them in pantries and craft rooms too!) It fits nicely on top of a desk or countertop. Hang your multi-colored file folders in this little organizer to keep all your daily paperwork neat and tidy. Bonus: Made in the U.S.A.


Filing Cabinet - Filing cabinets have come a long way. They now look like beautiful pieces of furniture! Find something that fits your style. Most people keep way too much paperwork on hand, so two large drawers is enough space for most people to store important paperwork.


Paper Shredder - Shred old bills, unwanted credit card applications or anything else with sensitive information at least once a week. That is the best way to keep paper clutter under control.

Click HERE for ideas how to create a home office that inspires productivity.

Ducks In A Row

Most people have way too much paper clutter. They keep things they don't need or they can't find important information when they need it. Sound familiar? Use the Ducks In A Row System to became an expert in organizing your important documents and information.

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