The Key to Organizing Success From Cloud Nine Organizing

The Key to Successful Organizing

Let’s face it: tackling clutter can be defeating, so let me share with you the key to a successful organizing project.

This is not something I hope works for you. It’s something I know, without a doubt, will work for you. Here’s the catch: you can’t wish it will happen you have to make it happen.

The key: set realistic goals and know, without a doubt, that you can attain those goals.

That’s it. Sounds simple, but it takes practice because most of us want to get as much done, in one day, as humanly possible. However, we sometimes set the bar way too high for ourselves and end up burning out before we accomplish our decluttering goals. Physical and mental burnout will squash all your organizing plans.

Know You Can

If you set a goal for yourself and immediately think, “There’s no way I can do this.” Guess what? You’ve already defeated yourself. You are already setting yourself up for failure. Flip that negative self-talk on it’s head!

Go to a mirror, look yourself in the eyes and say, “I can do this. My home is organized and clutter free.” Then give yourself a high five and get to work. Who cares if you feel silly. If it means success, you have to loose.

Break It Down

Expecting yourself to have a completely organized home can be an exciting, but overwhelming thought for most of us. Not knowing where to begin may leave you feeling defeated before you have even begun to slay the clutter.

Set that big scary organizing goal for yourself. Then, break it down into smaller digestible chunks that feel feasible. Baby steps are good. Slow progress is still progress. Focus on one room, one drawer, one pantry or one closet at a time.

Be patient with yourself. Even if you don’t get done as much as you’d like today, go to the mirror and remind yourself what a badass you are and tackle one small task at a time. You got this! Now, go make it happen!

You can reach your goals, but first you have to define them:








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