The Keys to Organizing Success ~ Making it Happen with Ease!

The Key to Successful Organizing

The Number 1 Key to Organizing Success ~ Realistic Goals

Let’s face it… tackling clutter can be intimidating. The first step to organizing success happens before you ever touch an item. You need to define realistic goals. Having a plan with realistic goals can be accomplished within a reasonable amount of time and without much frustration or worry. Realistic organizing goals help get you to a place of accomplishment and peace.

 Start small and work up to the more daunting tasks.

Expecting yourself to have a completely organized home can be an overwhelming thought for most of us. Not knowing where to begin may leave you feeling defeated before you have even begun to slay the clutter. How do you accomplish such a daunting task?

Slow down. Break the organizing tasks into smaller chunks. Focus on one room, one drawer, one pantry or one closet at a time.

 Your organizing goals may look something like this…

  • Organize master bedroom closet and donate clothes to a local shelter.
  • Sort through linen closet and group sheets according to bed size.
  • Clean laundry room and install shelves.
  • Declutter home office and shred outdated paperwork.
  • Clean son’s room and help him donate unused toys to a worthy charity.

By breaking down the huge task of organizing your home into manageable pieces, you create an achievable goal. Remember to be patient with yourself. Organizing is an ongoing process that becomes a little more manageable when we create goals that are achievable. You got this! Now, go make it happen!

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