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Comprehensive Document Organizing System


The Ducks In A Row System Is A Detailed Document Organizer.

The Ducks In A Row System is a comprehensive document organizer has everything you need when planning for your future; medical information, insurance information, banking, debt, last wishes, pet care, power of attorney, and much, much more. It is a system designed to help you get all your personal information and documents completely organized. It’s designed to get Your Ducks In A Row so that your loved ones never have to worry about it.

All your vital documentation will be at you fingertips!

  • The guided workbook and video instructions walk you through the process of getting your affairs in order; getting all your important documents organized.
  • Your instant-download workbook is designed to grow with you and can be edited to fit your individual needs.
  • You’ll learn how to securely share pertinent information with an entrusted advocate(s). Your trusted confidants will be able to easily access important information for you if, for whatever the reason, you cannot do it yourself.



This very detailed document organizer will IDENTIFY, GATHER and STORE all your vital information and important documents.

Once you purchase your Ducks In A Row System you will have immediate access. Your document organizer is designed to be used and stored, in a secure manner, on your computer. However, if you prefer to print the workbook and use pen and paper that works too. This is a very flexible system, so the choice is yours.

The versatile format is comprehensive and modular, so only use what you need to use, depending on your stage of life. It is meant to change as your needs change.

You will have access to bonus materials and video instructions.

It is going to be so nice to know, without a doubt, exactly where all your vital documents are – In one centralized location.

The Ducks In A Row System offers peace of mind and stability.