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Stay Organized During “Decorating Season”

October 1st marks the beginning of a fun and chaotic time of year.

Within the next few months, most of us will be dragging out and then putting away an assortment of decorations. In October, we start putting up the scarecrows, pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns. After Halloween, we put all the jack-o’-lanterns away and bring out the cornucopias and chubby, Thanksgiving turkeys. In December, we dig up our sparkly Christmas lights, tinsel, baubles and mistletoe followed by New Year’s Eve balloons and party hats. This is what I refer to as decorating season.

Here are a few tips on how to keep all your festive chaos under control: 

If possible, keep all holiday decorations in a centralized location.

Try not to have decorations scattered throughout the house, so that you’ll always find everything when it’s time to decorate. You don’t want to forget about a cute holiday ornament or wreath that was stuffed under a bed or hidden at the back of a coat closet.

Store decorations by holiday.

Don’t mix Christmas and Halloween decorations in the same storage bin. That’s too confusing. And as always, label the outside of your storage bin with details. Here’s an example:

Use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes.

  • Plastic bins tend to be sturdier when stacking on top of each other, and they won’t get ruined by moisture.
  • Plastic bins give you color-coding options – maybe all Christmas decorations are in green bins and all Halloween decorations are in black bins.
  • Don’t buy the largest bins you can find. Overstuffing isn’t a good idea. You want the bins to be light enough to easily remove from storage. From an organizing standpoint, smaller bins make it easier to group like items together.
  • When stacking bins, make sure you don’t stack too tall or in a precarious manner. Be safe!

 Purge and declutter after each holiday.

Always do this. Donate older decorations, wrapping paper and ribbon to a local school or church for craft projects. Throw away anything that is broken or worn out. Use the one in one out rule: if you buy a nice new decoration let go of one older decoration.

Enjoy the beginning of your Decorating Season and happy organizing!

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