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The Ritual of Closet Cleaning

I am thrilled to have Susie Buck share her closet cleaning ritual with us. Susie refers to decluttering and organizing as “fluffing her nest.” I love that! It is so important to fluff your nest from time to time so that you can release who you used to be and embrace who you are right now! 

The ritual of closet cleaning…what an over whelming task! HATE IT!  But there are things you can do to make cleaning your closet a ritual that creates a space that supports who you are now and what you desire to become.

My closet and dresser drawers where full of clothes that I had held onto because of the memory of what I was or experiences that were associated with them.

I had maternity clothes that I LOVED!  Seriously, it took me 15 years to purge a few tops that I still wore because, well, I’m bigger now. They didn’t look like maternity tops, and they were flipping comfortable! But I realized it was time to fluff my closet nest!

Thanks to my personal organizer, Crystal and her inspiration, I have removed the not so sacred items from my closet. For example, my “skinny clothes” that were no longer serving me. Decluttering my closet was a ritual. Almost a funeral because it was difficult to let go of clothes as I remembered how confident I was when I wore these old “skinny clothes.” I even had a small pity party that I’m no longer a size 4.  

Rule #1: Set a timer for that pity party 

It’s important to take the time to honor and acknowledge how we are feeling, but don’t stay stuck. Acknowledge your feelings then move on and take action. 

Rule #2: Move on

Gift those old clothes to someone who will use and appreciate them. What a blessing for them and for you.

Always set a timer for that pity party!  I believe we should take time to honor & acknowledge how we feelRule #3: Celebrate who our are now! 

Rule #3: Celebrate the person you are now

Be proud of who you are and celebrate yourself by releasing old clothes that no longer represent the person you have grown into. You are exactly who you need to be, right now. If I do ever shrink back into a size 4 I’ll celebrate with new, modern clothes. I won’t want to put on old, outdated clothing! 

Rule #4: Whether it’s a professional work day or a casual pajama day…decorate yourself!

After you have finished decluttering you may end up with what feels like an empty closet. I did. Enjoy the cleared energy and open space. Celebrate all your hard work by decorating yourself! Decorating yourself means putting on clothes and accessories that make you feel wonderful. Maybe it’s something you already have hanging in your closet or a new outfit. Adorn yourself as if it were a ritual of decorating your body to celebrate who you are! You are wonderful!

I kept two of my old flannel shirts. I wear those flannel shirts with my tank top, faded-holy size 9 jeans and bare feet on the days that I want to celebrate and decorate my authentic, silly, crazy, unique mommy-bodied me! Those are the days when my light shines vibrantly!


Susie Buck is an Inner Light Engineer who helps her clients live their best lives by being who they are truly meant to be. She is a Master Teacher, Certified BodyTalk™ Practitioner, Master Reiki Practitioner & Teacher, Certified Numerologist, Soul Coaching ® Oracle Card Master Practitioner and Elemental Spacing Clearing ® Practitioner (pending certification).

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