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Why Do We Hold Onto Clutter?
When your belongings are either physically or mentally in your way they have officially become clutter. Why do we hold[...]
Sort Through The Clutter
Living with clutter causes unnecessary stress and frustration. It also prevents us from living our best lives. I want to[...]
Junk Mail
Junk mail is like an unwanted house guest. You never invite it over, but it barges in anyway.If you don’t[...]
Redefine Your Junk Drawer
If you are like most American families you have at least one junk drawer. You may even have more than[...]
Clutter-Free Gifts Are The Best Kind of Gifts
Are you good at giving clutter-free gifts? Clutter-free gifts are the kinds of gifts that will not leave someone else[...]
The Key to Successful Organizing
Tackling clutter can be defeating, so let me share with you the key to successful organizing: realistic goals. That's it. Sounds[...]
Control the Clutter With 3 Boxes
Clutter is anything that no longer serves you in a positive way. If we don't pay attention and have a[...]
Make It Fun and Get It Done!
As a professional organizer I find it hard to believe that not everyone loves organizing.Just kidding! I know decluttering and organizing[...]
Enjoy Some Downtime!
All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. Plus, it makes her less productive! If you want to[...]