Organizing Tips with Cloud Nine Organzing: Be Productive


Junk Mail
It used to come into our home every day like a rude, unwanted, uninvited, messy houseguest: JUNK MAIL. If you[...]
The Busywork Vortex
At the end of the day, are you exhausted? Have you been running around and staying busy but can’t see[...]
Delete Digital Clutter
Do you get distracted by your phone or forget why you logged onto your computer? Obviously, you are not alone.[...]
Virtual Organizing
What is virtual organizing? Virtual organizing is a great way to take ownership of your clutter. It's perfect if you[...]
Does Your Home Office Inspire Productivity?
Does this sound familiar?Piles of papers that need to be shredded sitting in a corner.Unopened bills that need to be[...]
Organizing Your Assignments: Are You Making the Grade?
Adults Have Assignments Too! If you live in North Texas, school is back in session, and hopefully, the kids are[...]