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Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique ® Pomo-what? Pomodoro is Italian for tomato. The Pomodoro Technique ® is centered around[...]
Sort Through The Clutter
Living with clutter causes unnecessary stress and frustration. It also prevents us from living our best lives. I want to[...]
Stop Negotiating When You’re Available
Be productive and effective without compromising your sanity. Teresa Schlup,Web Designer has first hand experience with understanding the demands of being[...]
The Busywork Vortex
At the end of the day, are you exhausted? Have you been running around and staying busy but can’t see[...]
Go From To-Do to TaDa!
If your to-do List is overwhelming then make a TaDa List! Wouldn't you rather say "TaDa! I am done!" at[...]
Delete Digital Clutter
Do you get distracted by your phone or forget why you logged onto your computer? Obviously, you are not alone.[...]
The Key to Successful Organizing
Let's face it: tackling clutter can be defeating, so let me share with you the key to a successful organizing[...]
Does Your Home Office Inspire Productivity?
Princeton neuroscientists found the more clutter a person has the less focused and less productive that person will be! What[...]
Enjoy Some Downtime!
All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. Plus, it makes her less productive! If you want to[...]